The purpose of this series intends to increase knowledge from a business stakeholder to the IT leaders and project management resources who are accountable for the deliverable summarized in each of the following headings.


Purpose-Business Process Life Cycle

A reference architecture representing the companies transactional flow across the various stakeholder audiences in an event driven architecture you have a clear distinction between the people, process and technology.

Service Modeling

The method used by IT service providers in any Enterprise Architecture solution must differentiate between the impact to the following capabilities.

“the single most identifiable gap in any technology focused organization would prove to be the ability for the business to distinguish between management and transactional capability types.”

Event driven architecture

Using an event driven architecture to logically or physically group each processes stakeholders and services by the process at Level 2 enables a clear distinction between the impacts and dependencies.  This will enable the greatest value to the company and all future technology decisions.

Management Capabilities – Source for Applications

  1. Financial Management Capabilities
  2. Party Management Capabilities
  3. Offer Management Capabilities

Real World Expectations


  1. Board of Directors
  2. Executives and their Officers

The assumption when working with these stakeholders will always assume the industry definition of each component;

  1. Industry definitions are defined in your corporate policies.
  2. Sarbanes Oxleyspecifically 404 Assurances Must be enabled by auditing the create, update, archive and control any changes to a person in the execution of their process.
    1. Refer to 1. which has an associated procedure that defines the task and activities.
    2. The legal and financial integrity of your company relies on strict adherence to the process; no back end solutions are authorized by any employee or officer of the company.
    3. All create, update and archive events must be audit worthy and original records retained to justify the create, change or update.
      1. There are ISO audit dependencies which may result in major, minor or certification suspensions in any deviation from this process.
      2. When the business requirement conflicts the decision MUST be real world over Fit for Purpose.

Fit for Purpose

  1. Any business function
  2. Any technical function or IT Service Provider

Transactional Capabilities – Referenced outcomes (values) from management capabilities

  1. Expense Transaction Capabilities
  2. Revenue Transaction Capabilities
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