5 Capabilities for Enterprise and Business Architecture








 (5) capabilities in Enterprise and Business Architecture

The people, process and technology relationships before the design of any actual solution in technology.

Management Capabilities

Board of Directors and C-Level Strategies

This series focuses on the out of the box solutions for generic technology features based on the business need.  In this case; both real world and fit for purpose are highlighted.

When to apply; real world will always be my focus.

When I refer to Fit to Purpose; it is to provide the knowledge for common barriers in most companies and industry forums.

The executives and board of directors are the masters of their domains.



Sub-Process Level 1 working with Level 2-The Volume and Big Data stakeholders those who are the political giants in almost every company.


Event driven architecture for known transitions between functions-System thinking in the natural flow of people, process and ideally technology.


Assume you have a planned and the strategy supports your offer; you are a member of engineering charged with design and development of the companies offers.  Today you are working in the product item or service item assigned and grouping by product families.  Everything you do must get into the weeds and therefore it’s grown and keeps growing.


A person in an assigned business group(1:Many)

A person in the partnership with a business group to package and identify your Total Addressable Market and your public presence for your offer you are a marketing specialist in the same business group.

A consumer of your offer who has a relationship with or can purchase from a retail partner.



There’s a value to an identified target audience; if you build the offer; You have a competitive advantage.


The critical need if you think globally and think minimal criteria to run the task your organization MUST meet. Assume you must be prepared for a natural disaster; your offer and the ability to manage and enrich the offer are your primary concern.

Business Process

To ensure you are secure and running without data loss in the right sequence.


Having secure business services; ensures your ideas are protected. You are the master of your specialty in your offer.


Assume this represents the accountability you have as an engineer resource in the first sub-process level 1.


This business architecture introduces a real use case to distinguish between inputs “big data” versus the operational zero data loss and business services that are going to allow you to recover or turn the switch from an alternate data center.


Using a system approach with your Business Process Framework in a visual top down using the event driven architecture as the re-use and critical recovery sequence to test and ensure zero data loss.

Notice the bars above and below the offer between each bar-assume a vertical flow in the middle over time; Top Down across Business Process Phases


The two user groups who are most likely to retain a quantifiable measurement system are the first two process groups.

  • Sub-process levels 1 & 2 have a fit for purpose requirement – Total Addressable Market
    • A corporate performance measurement supplies a quality indicator for effective investment planning (management activities) and investment realization.
    • A nice value add for these stakeholders-a published widget or breadcrumb in a portal supplied as a BI service.
      • TAM penetration planned to actual based on your intellectual property and highly restricted details in the records sourced from actual sales revenue.
        • Real World Feature optional to compare against the Fit for Purpose-A management guide.
      • In fact; you can supply a master booking to revenue dashboard using the same model in this series by leveraging the data points from the process inputs as potential and upon validation from the inputs the information as content published for the actual success.
        • This supplies a single file used by many functions for fact based and real world measurement systems the enterprise insights.

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